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The team experience spans consulting, engineering, programmatic advertising and digital marketing, both inside businesses and agencies.

As a result, we bring a unique understanding of the importance and power of the customer experience, while understanding the imperative of ROI. We combine the strategic breadth of consulting with the deep know-how of leading programmatic experts and marketing practitioners.

Many of us hail from the early days of programmatic advertising and technology, where our belief in transparency and integrity helped us stand apart. We have carried that spirit and approach into everything we do today.

Janice Liu

SVP & GM of Magnet

An experienced digital marketer and entrepreneur who, through her innate leadership qualities and passion projects, works to inspire a new generation of women in science engineering technology and mathematics (STEM). Janice has led digital and technology strategies for brands in Financial Services, Telecommunications, eCommerce, and Cannabis.

Franck Garnier

Senior Director, Product & Engineering

Leads the Big Data & Engineering team out of Montreal. Passionate, self-taught, his expertise in R & D project management and his great learning ability allow him to find innovative solutions on complex data systems. Franck has also mastered the management, design and production of Analytics / Geospatial database solutions.

We help our clients affect the change they dream of but cannot realize. We engineer the future of marketing.

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